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Some harsh but very very true words

When people let me review their portfolios (on career day or open days at my game design school) I explicitly ban them from commenting during the review… …because otherwise they will follow the impulse to downplay everything I see in an attempt at being humble.

"this is an old image…"

"I’m not happy with that one…"

"this is just a sketch…"

"I did this really quickly…"

"there is better stuff on later pages…"

It’s totally understandable to have those impulses. The quality of art is not empirical data and therefore impossible to measure. Good art, bad art, it all comes down to standards. And you don’t want to come off as naive or self-absorbed.

But just don’t do it. Don’t talk yourself down in front of others. In the best case you have someone supportive who now thinks “damn, this person needs to be prepped up all the time. Do I really want to work with somebody like that” or in worst case “now that you say it, yeah, this is kinda lame/rushed/unfinished/lazy, go away.”

You can only submit what you have. If that is not enough, then it’s not enough. Your attitude will not change that. But if it is enough, you can do serious harm by not being confident of who you are now.

This means appreciating what you are able to do right now and have a clear vision of what you want to learn, be confident that you will learn it in time. 

Be proud.

This is really important.  Eliminate this urge.  Eliminate it professionally, when having contact with people in a position to buy your work.  Eliminate it socially, when you just share your work for fun.  Destroy this urge as thoroughly as you possibly can.

Because when you have done that, you’ll find that you feel at least 25% less shitty about your own work.  You lose the urge to do it.  You stop reinforcing those negative thoughts, and they retreat.  They may never go away completely (although they might!) but this is good practice for ignoring those thoughts flat-out.

Don’t shit-talk yourself.  Even if you can’t be SO PROUD, don’t ever try to influence anyone’s opinion toward your work in the negative.

Try to love your work.  Try to see what you learned from each piece, even if it’s a failure.  If you feel that you learned nothing, appreciate the fact that just spending time on it is honing your skills and giving you valuable practice.

i used to be super not-confident in my own work.  When I stopped pointing out the flaws in my own stuff, I felt better about it almost immediately.

The piece of advice I got that helped me the most with this is; the people looking at your work be it your director or an HR person, trust them to know and see the good work there that you’ve become desensitized to. We all have rushed shots and stuff, they can see the polished diamond inside of a rock, it’s literally their job! So don’t fret too much!

i start school tomorrow



this website SAVED MY BRAIN when i was a stressed out college student who couldn’t stop flipping out long enough to prioritize. quite a few of you are still suffering through college so i hope this helps you too!! c:

reblogging this like the wind and god bless the person who made this

i know how to do the calculation longhand or at least i used to, but hearing it from someone else always silences my irritating voice of anxiety a little better so hopefully some other people can appreciate that effect too

fill out;

                                     ABOUT THE BLOGGER

General Appearance.  

name: Punk
age: 21
date of birth: oct. 26
zodiac: scorpio
gender: genqu
eye color: idfk
hair color: black/ornage
height: 5’8”
scars: left bicep from a tumor being removed, left thumb from cooking incident, left inner calf from falling through metal chair, various others from selfharm
burns: the few i had faded
over weight: yeh
under weight: i wish


color: orange/purple/soft whites
hair color: reds/auburns
eye color: idc
song: i dont have one r/n
movie: ILY Phillip Morris and WiR
t.v show: House M.D.
food: House of Emperor Chinese
drink: n/a
video game: Bioshock 1/2
place: n/a
ice cream flavor: chocolate

Have you…

had sex: yeh
had sex in public: nah
gotten pregnant: nah
kissed a boy: yeh
kissed a girl: y e hh
gotten tattoos: i wish
gotten piercings: yeh
smoked or drank: hookah and nah
had a broken heart: yeh
been in love: eh„
needed surgery: yeh

Are you…

a virgin: technically
a cuddler: eh
a kisser: e h h
scared easily: nah
jealous easily: nah
trustworthy: yeh
dominate: yeh
in love: nah
single: yeh
in a relationship: nah
considered mean: iunno

Random questions.

have you harmed yourself: yeh
thought of suicide: yeh
attempted suicide: three times
killed someone: nah
wanted to kill someone: yeh

who did you kiss last: My dog Riley
last text: "is it with monet or robinson" [teachers]
drove a car: yeh
have/had a job: yeh
favorite soda/pop: n/a
do drugs: i wish

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Foam and Worbla armour MEGA TUTORIAL

Tutorial by AmenoKitarou

Super duper awesome and helpful! I am totally going to try this out for my Garrosh cosplay.

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people who can just become bffs with ANYONE they want make me really upset cuz i dont even know how to keep an acquaintance and here they are going to be friends with a popular and p fuckin gr8 artist and im just sitting here like

Messaging punk about your friend thinking she would care about that person is dumb tho. And saying gross like its an insult is dumb, find a better insult pls. ///<3 u punkieeeee////

omg youre too cute <3

Pretending that privilege doesn't exist is rly gross too my friend, sorry

Please stop denouncing sjw's as a caricature of a bully or some shit. so what if someone says some shit like "male tears"


hi that social justice post is inaccurate



I speak the language of the sjw’s, allow me to translate their more popular phrases

"Male tears"

Translation: “i am a bully and i love it”

"Check your privilege"

Translation: “i don’t like your opinion, so i’m going to use something you were born with to censor it”

"It’s not my job to educate you"

Translation: “i have no idea what i’m talking about, but the internet said something was true so it must be”

Thank you for your time