regrets everything about getting a job

imma throw up from anxiety


Nice Nana Kuronoma dressed up as Deer Fawn. Photo by Franzis.

so much going on today hhhhh


More Fiona and Audreyyy.  Can’t stop drawing them…

Audrey, da buns, belongs to Hadder!


My cosplay wing tutorial is now complete!  I tried to cover as much of my process as possible for making feathered wings. I hope you find this helpful :)

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the pumpkin king / sally


Konstantin Razumov (born 1974): Young Lady, Early Morning.
Oil on canvas, 55 × 38 cm.


Open the door, darling…I only want to love you.


when you feel jealous or bitter over an artist’s achievements, always remember: people only show what they want to show of their art

 you would be surprised how hilariously bad some sketches of even experienced artists can look, and I don’t mean that in an insulting way. Also don’t think of the pics with the ‘man, such a sloppy doodle’ descriptions, I mean the truly horrible scribbles everybody does in their freetime. Even the most experienced artists have sketches that look like they had no orientation of lines in mind, with one arm going over the entire body and the other being half the length, etc, and that’s the COLD HARD AND WONDERFUL TRUTH

 No artist you look at does perfect work all the time, as hard as it is to imagine.
Any artist wants to give off the best impression they can, so frankly the very flawed looking stuff stays on a few papers at home without ever facing the internet or even close friends

 Similarily to how most people won’t go outside in a t-shirt with ten coffee stains and three holes in it, chances are you’ve never seen what /truly/ sloppy and disoriented sketches very good artists are capable of.

 So if something of yours doesn’t look perfect, and you look at people with all these wonderful sketches on the internet, remember; they very likely have those exact moments of doubt as well.

i was literally in there for 15minutes and came out with my schedule like what the f au ck



Looking in